Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Free Promotional Count Down Begins... In Five...

As I mentioned before, I chose to publish with Kindle Direct Publishing Select for the use of some exceptional promotional tools, one of which is that BETWEEN will be listed for FREE on Amazon for five days in a row, beginning Monday, July 16th.

As we all know, the best advertisement for a book is word of mouth. This is why editors and agents can’t exactly predict which books will be the next big thing (that’s not to say there aren't some good indicators, because of course there are and folks in the publishing industry are experts at this). It may seem counterintuitive but numbers have shown that the more free downloads of a book, the better the sales. So this is why I will be offering a teaser per day in a five day count down to five days of free downloads!

Teaser #5
By the time I get to school the next day, the rumor mill has completed its circuit.  Everyone now knows that I think Noah Johnson is cute.  Well, so what?  Half the sixth grade population thinks he’s cute— and that’s not news.  But now Wren is really mad at me.  She’s not at my locker before Social Studies, like usual.  She never told me outright she liked Noah, but it’s pretty obvious to anyone with eyeballs.  And now, everyone thinks I like him, too.  Which I don’t.  Not on your life.  And I’m feeling miserable about the part about Ryan.  How I wrote his name in that note also.  I really don’t want him to know I might like him.  Actually, I don’t even know if I do.  It’s just that, now I’ll never know.  I just thought it was nice when we played basketball together, and my name sounded so good when he said it.
     I’m beginning to think middle school is more like a battle field than an actual learning environment.       

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