Saturday, July 14, 2012


Teaser #2

 My new schedule looks like this:
     1st period—Advanced Math
     2nd period-–Advanced English
     3rd period–-Social Studies
     4th period–-Beginning Band
     5th period-–Science
     6th period–-P.E.
     7th period- Art
     It sure is going to be weird not to have the same teacher all day, not to mention any recess.  
          While Ms. Brown calls attendance, Jeanie taps my shoulder and we quickly compare schedules.  We have Advanced English and Art together.
     “Geez, are you a brainiac?” she whispers, but not unkindly.  “You’ve got all the advance classes.”
     “Um, I guess I like to get good grades,” I admit, wondering if that makes me sound super conceited. 
     “I’m not very good at math,” Jeanie confesses.
     “Joey McGregor?” barks Ms. Brown.
     “Yep.”  Joey’s voice is muffled because he is slouched down in his chair.
     Ms. Brown peers over her bifocals apparently studying Joey.  In a steely voice she adds, “Mr. McGregor, you will respond appropriately with “here” when called.  Is that understood?”
     The class is dead silent.
     Joey makes a big production of sitting up, ram-rod straight in his chair.  “Here!” he shouts.
    He is such a doofus.  I would never consider talking back to a teacher.

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