Friday, January 4, 2013


So those of you close to me know that I have never been a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. My philosophy has always been if you’re not living the life you want to be living, why wait until the new year to start? Nevertheless, healthy eating is ALWAYS a good thing and Lord knows, I could do better on that front. So here is a picture of my after school snack today.

Whaddya think? Not bad?

Did I forget to mention the Coke I’m drinking as I write this? Oops.

Believe it or not, I enjoyed getting back into the swing of things yesterday with the return to school/work. I am a schedule fanatic and even though Christmas break was awesome and I got to sleep in like I haven’t in decades, it was nice to get back into a routine. Other than sleep, we hiked Mt. Sanitas on New Year’s day.

MKISA insists that this will become the new family tradition for New Year's day. We’ll have to see about that...

We went to a few movies, too. I can’t recommend The Cirque du Soleil film highly enough. It was exquisite. James Cameron is one of my filmmaker idols – that man has one of the best creative minds on the planet. Obviously, my next question was – how did those people DO that? A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Also, I got the best New Years gift from the Sanborn Elementary librarian – she favorited BETWEEN on their website!

How awesome is that? Thank you Ms. Juth and Sanborn Elementary, love that font, too – so fun!

Hope you’re having a great start to 2013!

All best,

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