Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Fun

Here is another teaser from Rumspringa my new young adult contemporary romance novel out on submission. Enjoy!

Rumspringa Teaser #2 - Liam
She was staring at me again. The pretty one.
When she was preoccupied with taking a customer’s order, her back was towards me and I could study the way the early morning sunlight streamed through the windows catching each individual flyaway hair, turning it into a shimmery golden wisp around the crown of her head.  The effect was like a halo about her prayer cap which was always perfectly in place and the pleats of her dress pressed without a wrinkle.
I admired the Amish - from a distance - their faith, their commitment to family, their community, the steadfastness of it. I was not religious, but I did think everything had a soul, just in a non-practicing, non-dogma sort of way.

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