Sunday, February 24, 2013

Here's to you, Peter Wilson

I have been meaning to do this for some time. This morning while the house was quiet, I found a couple of moments to transpose my son's writing essay about someone he admires. It's not about the president. It's not about Martin Luther King, Jr. It's about a fisherman. It's totally cute and please don't judge - he takes after his mother's lack of spelling (Willson is really Wilson) and grammar skills (you might find a few missing commas).

I admire Peter Willson. Peter Willson is my dads friend. I admire him because he is a good fisherman.
       One time me my dad and Peter Willson went camping at a lake. He cot* about fifteen fish no joke. He can catch fish in lakes and rivers.
       Peter Willson cot fish in different condishoins. Like when we went camping he cot fish in the cold and in the warm. He can catch fish high up in the mountins and low.
       Peter Willson catchs different kinds of fish. Peter Willson has cot trout. Also a fish called carp. He has cot steelhead samon and king samon.
       So that’s why I admire Peter Willson hes a great fisherman and all those reasons.

Simple, direct and right on point. What's not to love about this AMAZING essay?

*My son would like you to know that he knows how to spell cot now. I mean caught.

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