Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tantalizing Wednesday

Because Wednesday is only at it's beginning, I have decided to lighten the mood by offering a teaser from Rumspringa my new young adult contemporary romance novel. Enjoy!

Rumspringa Teaser #1 - Sarah

At work, I often caught myself watching Liam. I wondered what a contemporary city boy was doing in the middle of Indiana Amish country. I knew that he had come suddenly to live with his uncle, but I did not know any of the specifics. I also knew that Liam was not attending Westpoint High school with Rebecca because she would have told me so.
Regardless of how dangerous and out of place he looked, I could see him staring thoughtfully at the flour and salt as he began each shift, quietly. He seemed very adept at the process of turning stock ingredients into something delicious. He started by sprinkling a little flour onto the board and on his rolling pin to keep it from sticking. Next, he patiently rolled the dough out into a perfect rectangle then switched to using his hands and gently tugged on all sides to stretch the dough, careful to straighten out the wrinkles, like a delicate piece of cloth. His skilled fingers artfully folded the cinnamon filling into the pastry, tucking the sugared apple pieces in just so. Afterwards, he generously brushed melted butter over the exposed layers for good measure.
There was a lot of gossip about him flying around our close-knit community. That he was a trouble maker. A delinquent from Chicago. Recovering drug addict. Lazy. Watch out. Idle hands are the devil's tools.
There was nothing idle about those hands.

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