Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Teaser Tuesday

Rumspringa Teaser #3 - Sarah

"Alright, I'm off then. Class starts in twenty minutes,” Rebecca told me. Taking her things from behind the counter she added, "I forgot to tell you, my brother says the Schrock's are having a rumspringa back-acres party Memorial Day weekend. I want you to come with me."
"You're not going to the sing-a-long on Sunday?” I asked, following her into the women's restroom where she could change.
She gave me a pointed look. "No," she said, handing me her apron. "And neither are you." Rebecca rapidly changed into her English clothes for school in one of the stalls. She doesn't like to stand out at Westview High School and her parents think it is for the best. She stepped out wearing tight fitting jeans and a pink Aeropostale T-shirt. Not exactly the Amish style of long dresses and prayer caps. Her hair was left up even though it was not covered. To wear hair exposed was considered dishonorable. 
Rebecca sighed heavily. "Sarah, you promised me that during your rumspringa you'd branch out a little bit. After all, it's what we're meant to do, to run around and be free of our usual constraints."
I did not add that the real purpose of rumspringa was to find an Amish mate, but I was tired of sounding like a sour grape.
Apparently I hesitated too long because next thing I knew she grabbed me by both of my shoulders, giving them a gentle shake. "Now is the time," she insisted.
          "Okay," I agreed. It probably would not hurt for once, just to be with the girls. And she was right, now was the time. "I will give it a go, I guess."

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