Monday, March 4, 2013

Manic Monday

Rumspringa Teaser #5 - Sarah

“Let’s make a pot of regular," Rebecca said, interrupting my thoughts. She removed the orange handled decanter from the bottom and placed it on the top burner. She leaned over to open the cabinet below and took a pre-filtered bag of coffee out, then ripped open the foil packaging and placed the grounds in the machine. "Do you think the rumors about him are true?" she whispered.
"Rumors?" I repeated, wiping down the counter with a dish towel. She pressed the button that illuminated an orange light, indicating the brewing cycle had started. She nodded her head toward Liam. "They say he's a big city boy from Chicago. A drug dealer. Killed somebody."
"Nooo," I said and clucked my tongue. "Rebecca do not spread gossip," I admonished, alarmed that she should voice my own thoughts so clearly. I continued straightening the creamer and plastic stirrers.
“I heard about it at school.” Rebecca turned to face me and grinned, squeezing my forearm. "He's easy on the eyes, ya?"
I twisted around to get a good look at him over the open counter between the kitchen and the dining area. The jet black of his sharply angled hair cut swept over one of his darkly lined eyes accentuating their blueness. The effect was striking. He had a wide, generous mouth that looked out of place with the rest of his features. As if sensing I was watching him, he suddenly looked up at me, not bothering to flick his inky black hair out of his face and our eyes met. I quickly glanced away, embarrassed to be caught staring but not before I noticed the tingling sensation that skated down my spine. More than just his appearance, something about him set me on edge.

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