Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Teaser Tuesday

Here is the final teaser...
Rumspringa Teaser #6 - Liam 

          I didn't quite understand the specifics but none of the Amish drove motor vehicles. If they wanted to get anywhere further than walking distance, they used their horse and buggy. And if they wanted to travel quickly, they hired drivers. I'd seen the ads on the bulletin boards at the Gas-n-Go.
          We stepped outside into the chilly dawn and I could see our breaths in short puffs. “It’s over here," I said leading her to Jerry's battered old gray Ford Escort, my new wheels. It needed some work, the engine had to be coaxed to life in these brittle temperatures but even so, I was glad for the freedom it provided out here in the country. Often after work, I'd drive the back roads just to roam around and clear my head.
          I opened the passenger door for her and quickly shoved the empty Yoo-hoo bottles over and miscellaneous trash to make some room. Without saying any more we got in and she fumbled with the seat belt, her ears turning pink.
          I leaned over and fastened her in. I got a whiff of her shampoo, something fruity. She looked frightened and leaned way back, out of my way so I could adjust the strap. I guessed the prospect of riding with me in a car would be nerve racking for any Amish girl. I started the engine after pumping the gas pedal a couple of times. The tunes from my iPod were attached to the car radio and Distrubed blasted from the speakers. Sarah grimaced and covered her ears with her hands. I quickly turned the music off and she released her grip. Her face was white and she pressed an open palm to her heart as though she’d just been shocked.
          “Not a popular song in Amishland?"
          “Nein.” She shook her head but I noticed the corners of her mouth slightly turn up suppressing a grin.

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