Sunday, April 7, 2013

Happy Spring and APART Cover Art Reveal

So you might not know this but spring is typically my least favorite season. Always has been. I think it’s due to the cold incessant wind and the lack of green and sunshine. In the high county (mountains) they call it mud season for obvious reasons. But really, my dislike probably stemmed from this early childhood encounter:

Cari and the Easter Bunny
I know. I look less than pleased with the Easter bunny. I guess he kind of freaked me out. Believe it or not I’m not a huge fan of candy or that plastic grass stuff in Easter baskets that manages to finds its way into every crevasse and that I worry my cat will find and think is real and try to eat then choke (sometimes an active imagination doesn't exactly help).

But I am a big fan of spring break in warm places! And this time I really did take a break. Usually I work (write) because I can take advantage of the larger chunks of time. And now that I’ve just returned from vacation I’m feeling much more relaxed and well rested. It was long overdue.

Paradise: Spring Break 2013

Here is what I AM excited about this spring…I promised you that I would release APART and that is the plan. Check out the cover art and book description that you can mark it as "Want To Read" over on Goodreads until it is released.

Which means it should (tentatively) be in your hands by summer (June21st)! Here is the description:

Peaches thought that turning thirteen and becoming a teenager would mean she’d finally have it all figured out. She’s got a new boyfriend, a year of middle school under her belt and is moving on about her parents’ divorce. What she’s not ready for is her Dad remarrying and moving out of state. How is she supposed to spend a magical summer with her first boyfriend if they’re apart? And as if that’s not enough, back at school Peaches is asked to tutor Joey McGregor in order to fulfill her volunteer hours for JHS. And not that she’s obsessing about it or anything, but isn’t there someone ELSE who could do it? In a new year full of changes, Peaches learns that not only does absence make the heart grow fonder but stronger!

So thank you for your patience. I know some of you wanted to see APART earlier but Rumspringa just had to be written. And I’ve got a great premise for another YA book but first: APART!

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