Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Dabble in Showbiz

Last week my daughter was chosen as an extra for the Dear Eleanor film. It is a coming of age story about two girls in 1962 driving cross-country to meet Eleanor Roosevelt.  Recently, I had a dream that I was still on set. We were on break and I was ordering a burrito for lunch with the crew (it looked very tasty by the way). Obviously, I’m still processing my experience of being a stage mom from last week.

My star eating a late lunch at the Denver Diner after a long day of filming

Having my daughter act as an extra was a great experience and one I will not soon forget. The best way to describe being on set is that it's similar to the organized chaos of camping: packing up, unpacking, piles of equipment everywhere, people gingerly stepping over each other, eating late, things not always going as planned, meeting people, changing in a bathroom stall, making do with what you’ve got, hot, dusty and often a wet environment while trying to stay clean, eating off of paper plates, quiet hours, curious and sometimes obnoxious onlookers/neighbors.

Spending time with the cast and crew was fun, friendly, professional, at times stressful, serious and very bonding. My daughter of course, loved it. Having to shoot a scene repeatedly from the back, then again from the front while staying in character and looking fabulous just isn’t my thing. I will stick with writing. But I understand and have a great respect for people who are willing to put in the incredibly hard work and dedication it takes to follow their dream and help tell a good story no matter the medium. As a novelist, THAT is something I will always support and get on board with!

If you want to read more about the Dear Eleanor film follow the tweets here.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Breaking Amish Season Two

Omg, you guys!!! SO excited about this…on May 12th TLC will debut the premiere for season two of Breaking Amish! If you are not familiar with this reality show, it's about a group of Amish young adults in the midst of their rumspringa who move to NYC. Here is a sneak peek. I’m going to go all Jennier Weiner on you and live tweet the event (how can I not?).

AND the most serendipitous thing happened the other day; I was meeting with my critique partner for coffee and I checked the #breakingamish hash tag on twitter only to discover that TLC in the UK was launching the first season of Breaking Amish at that very moment! I immediately started tweeting and joined in the fun; like a virtual rumspringa PAR-TAY (without the alcohol)! It was especially exciting because my friends across The Pond had a lot of questions about the Amish culture and they graciously endured my comments.

Plus, I keep getting stopped people who’ve read my eBook Rumspringa and loved it. I know. I KNOW! I am still fascinated with Liam and Sarah's connection even after spending a year writing and revising the novel. If you would like to check it out for yourself, go here. And don't forget that you can download the free Kindle app on any computer, smartphone or tablet so anyone can enjoy it! If you read Rumspringa please consider writing an Amazon review. Many thanks!

Meanwhile, happy May and I will see you May 12th at 10/9C here!

All the very best!

Update -  Note to self:  DO NOT write and post a blog entry after 8pm. Apparently, I like to channel a 1980's Valley Girl. PAR-TAY? Very classy.