Sunday, June 23, 2013

Shipshewana- Rumspringa Country

Recently, my family and I went back to the Midwest and stopped in northern Indiana Amish country for a visit to Shipshewana! I wanted to spend a day in the world where Liam and Sarah's story takes place. I spent so much time there in my imagination it was amazing to visit it for real and it didn't disappoint. Here are some of the highlights:

The McDonalds in Middlebury where they go after their first back acres Rumspringa party

A horse and buggy traffic jam looking out our front car window, much like Liam experiences driving Sarah to her home for the first time

A horse and buggy ride – the way Sarah and her family get around daily

Author and son posing with Tony the horse after our ride

Um. Well…an obvious byproduct of Amish transportation

Standard road signs in and around Shipshewana and LaGrange county

Lunch at a local café where an Amish gal was working (just like Sarah!)

The most amazing pretzels you’ve ever tasted in your entire life

Amish hats for sale

Beautiful hurricane lamps for sale at the hardware store

A LaGrange county parking lot – Amish style, of course!

It was so easy to imagine the story of Liam and Sarah coming alive!  I was thrilled to spend the day here with my family in the "real" world of my Amish YA novel Rumspringa. If you think you would enjoy a light, contemporary read please click here and download now! 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Update on APART

I know some of you are anxiously waiting the release of APART and I wanted to give you an update on that. After a final review by my critique partner, I have decided to delay the release for a short while.

I need to beef up a couple of areas to make the story better. Believe me, I would prefer just to publish it this very minute but I think you and I both know that we’d like to see a story that is emotionally satisfying. That is why it is so very important to having writing partners who you trust implicitly to help keep things real. I want to make it good enough for you to read and enjoy. So with that said, I will hopefully, hopefully, hopefully get it out to you soon but I have decided to take the time for one more round of revision.

Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience! I will keep you posted on this blog. xoxo