Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Declaration of Love for My Knight and Shining Armor

In the spirit of St. Valentine and at the risk of exposure by sharing too much personal information (what else is new?) here are two journal entries I recently discovered from 20 years ago, copied verbatim and made into a Valentine for MKISA today.

May 23, 1993

It’s the little things that make me happy. Like when Keith did the dishes or when he made dinner that one night or when he thanks the waiter or waitress and moves off of the hiking path so people can walk by first. The little things, that really is what counts the most for me. Plus he’s a bit of a romantic. I’m a little frightened because I know I want a husband and children and I do not want to rush anything because I know I want these things. In other words, how long do I wait? And how much do I compromise? What’s really important? Keith really is so nice in these little things. What the hell is in his head about the big picture? What does he think about me? Does he even think about me? The other day when he asked me if there was anything I wanted to do (because he was thinking about rock climbing with this girl) and I said, “Whatever you want.” And he replied, “That’s not what I asked.” And I wanted to marry him right there.

November 11, 1995

Well some years later here and I need to come back and finish this journal. Now Keith and I are engaged and I am happy.

Wedding Day  

*No, that is not a mole or bug on MKISA's neck but residue on the computer scanner and I don't have time to fix

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